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Professional orientation for Immigrants with need for support

Basic teaching for future trainees – Your future in the bakery trade

Which requirements you need for your start in the bakery trade?

You must belong to the following target group:

  • Asylum justified
  • Asylum seekers with labor market acces
  • Tolerated with labor market access
  • Immigrants with need for support


• You are older than 18 years.
You have fulfilled full-time schooling.
You don‘t have any initial training in Germany.
You have first knowledge in german language and general education.

Course content:

• 40 school hours per week practical experience & theory: workshop days and basical knowledge of baker and sales.
8 weeks practical training
18 weeks practical experience and theory at school

Price target:

In connection all participants, who fulfilled the requirements,
are to be included in an apprenticeship.

You have questions?

Marion Mertens

Marion Mertens
Phome.: +49 (0)234 / 516591-14



Winter 2022

2. November 2022

Weitere Informationsquellen zur Beruflichen Orientierung für Zugewanderte:


Der BOF-Kurs der Ersten Deutschen Bäckerfachschule dient der Fachkräftegewinnung im Bäckerhandwerk.